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Schwinn Aerocycle

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1938 advertisement for Chicago Cycle Supply

Prior to World War II, Schwinn utilized distributors to get their products into the hands of retailers and customers. Some distributors such as Chicago Cycle Supply would also sell their own branded versions of Schwinn bikes and/or contract to "make" private label brands for sale by larger retailers. This 1938 ad for Chicago Cycle Supply's three "Autocycle" models describes their standard features and available colors and sizes.

1938 advertisement for Majestic Auto-Cycle and Majestic Cycle-Plane bicycles
Advertisement for Century Bicycles, distributed by Butler Brothers of Chicago, Illinois

Click here to view a 24 page, pre-war, "Schwinn Built Bicycles" sales brochure from distributor "Louisville Cycle & Supply Co.", which was located at 106-108-110 W. Market St. in Louisville, Kentucky.

Click here to view an 80 page, 1940 Schwinn Parts Catalogue. Portions of the 1940 catalogue have been crossed out by hand with a blue ink pen, indicating that those items would not appear in the 1941 Catalogue.


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